‘Daredevil’ Season 3 Showrunner Erik Oleson Inks Overall Deal with Amazon

Daredevil Season Three showrunner Erik Oleson has inked a two-year overall deal with Amazon, THR [...]

Daredevil Season Three showrunner Erik Oleson has inked a two-year overall deal with Amazon, THR reveals.

The pact is reportedly in the "mid-seven-figure range" and will see Oleson create, develop and produce original series exclusively for Amazon. Netflix, which cancelled the Oleson-led Daredevil in November, also courted him for an overall deal.

"I want to tell the kind of stories that I love: stories that have great characters, thrilling concepts and epic backdrops, but are about something meaningful. Stories which allow an audience to think and feel rewarded for watching," Oleson said.

"Amazon is a perfect home for these stories, and I'm psyched to work alongside the entire Amazon Studios team."

Oleson's reunion with Amazon comes after he served as writer-executive producer on the sophomore season of its original series Man in the High Castle.

"We're happy to welcome Erik back to Amazon Studios," said Albert Cheng, co-head of television at Amazon Studios.

"Erik knows how to build worlds that enthrall viewers, but that are grounded with real emotion and relationships. We're very excited he'll be re-joining our incredible team of producers and creators here at Amazon."

Per THR, this new deal is expected to preclude Oleson from involvement on a Daredevil revival, should the cancelled series find new life at Hulu — where Disney will soon be majority owner — or Disney+, the company's premiere streaming service due out later this year. Both streamers have expressed interest in continuing the series.

Daredevil and The Punisher star Royce Johnson recently told ComicBook.com of whispers surrounding a clause prohibiting movement on any such revival for 18 to 24 months post-cancellation, following a November report from Variety that revealed the Netflix characters can't appear outside the streaming service for two years.

Oleson pitched a fourth season of Daredevil to Netflix and was excited for a return to the series that starred Charlie Cox as blind lawyer-slash-vigilante Matt Murdock.

"I had the time of my life, man. I had so much fun," Oleson told us in October.

"If you talk to anybody in the cast and crew, or involved in the production, Season Three was a very pleasant experience for all of us. And we're all very proud of the teamwork that made the final product possible. So yeah, I'm hopeful that I'll get to do it again."

Amazon previously scooped up Luke Cage showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker after that Marvel series was similarly cancelled in October.

In the months since, all Marvel-inspired Netflix productions — including The Defenders, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones — have been cancelled.


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