Marvel's Elizabeth Olsen Wants a Rekindled Romance Between Wanda & White Vision

As fans may recall, the conclusion of Marvel's WandaVision on Disney+ saw the two heroes taking off to different corners of the MCU. Wanda went into the wilderness and began studying the Darkhold while Vision...well, we don't know where he went, but where he is he's the White Vision now. Speaking in an exclusive interview with, actress Elizabeth Olsen revealed to us she's eager to have the pair reunite and rekindle their romance, replying enthusiastically "Yeah!" when we asked her about it. "I always want to be reunited with Paul Bettany painted faces," Olsen added. "That face is amazing."

Despite this hope and desire, Olsen revealed that she has no idea what the future holds for her in the MCU, saying: "I don't. I don't. I think fans usually have the best ideas and I genuinely don't know where we go from here and what the limitations are of the MCU because I don't follow what their plans are....I feel like the fans always know what the plans are, even when they're not announced. And so I don't. I do have this image... There are a few images in my head of, I think they're from Witch's Row, as she's aging and decaying, while using her power and there's something in that, this older woman, who's aging from her power, that I'm interested in. And I don't really know what that means, but I kind of would love to be old."

Bettany himself previously teased that he also had no idea when he'll next appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the actor is both open to returning and seems to believe it's going to happen. "The honest answer to that is — well maybe it's not the honest answer, but it's the answer I'm going to give you and you'll just have to cope with it — at the end of WandaVision, you see Vision fly off and that's a loose end," the actor previously said. "And Kevin Feige is a man who doesn't really allow loose ends. So I assume at some point I will be putting on my tights and cloak for another outing, but I don't know when that might be."  

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now playing in theaters while WandaVision is streaming in full on Disney+.