WandaVision Writer Explains Why White Vision's Fate Wasn't Revealed

WandaVision came to an end last week and left a couple of exciting questions up in the air. Marvel [...]

WandaVision came to an end last week and left a couple of exciting questions up in the air. Marvel fans are extremely curious to find out the fate of White Vision (Paul Bettany), who was given back his memories during a battle with Hex Vision (Paul Bettany). While some fans wondered why White Vision didn't help Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) in her final battle with Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn), others believe he was only given back his memories, not his feelings, which would explain why he bolted. During a recent interview with CinemaBlend, head writer Jac Schaeffer explained why White Vision's storyline was left up in the air.

"[There's no scene of where White Vision is in the world] because the point is that he's not her guy," Schaeffer explained. "That's not the man that she had children with. That's not the one who's been in the sitcom world with him. That's not the one that she said goodbye to on a hill in Wakanda. That's the body and the data. So for the purposes of me and my job on the show, and what I focus on, where he ends up is an afterthought to the story proper."

Schaeffer added, "What I love about how we chose to handle that is it feels to me very true to our characterization of Vision. Vision's whole thing is identity; his whole thing is, 'I was a voice and then I was a body. And now I'm a memory.' There's a constant sort of self-analysis of 'What am I?' So to me it doesn't feel like a Marvel cheat of like, 'Now there's another one out there.' It actually feels very, very right. There's a constant reinvention of what is the essence of Vision."

Recently, Paul Bettany spoke to Marvel.com and shared what it was like playing two different versions of the same character.

"I was super intimidated by myself," Bettany joked. "I would come in one day and I would be Vision or The Vision," he added. "Then Adam [Lytle], my stunt guy, would play Vision. And he learned all of the dialogue and for both parts — he was brilliant. We would play the scene like that. And then the next day, he would come in. And he would get The Vision. Then I would get Vision. And then we would play the scene like that and the same to the fights so that they could always have my bella faccia on camera, at some point. It was more confusing than I had sort of allotted. It used up all of my brain."

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