Marvel Fan Points Out The MAJOR Changes To Asgard's Rainbow Bridge

Thor has changed quite a bit throughout his first three films, but he's not the only thing that [...]

Thor has changed quite a bit throughout his first three films, but he's not the only thing that has received an overhaul in each movie.

An eagle-eyed Marvel fan on Reddit noticed just how different one particular element of the movies continues to be between installments, and that would be the fabled Rainbow Bridge. The Bridge is a staple of Asgard, but each movie has given it a redesign in some form or fashion, with the biggest coming in Thor Ragnarok.

The first film had angled pillars on each side that rose from the water, each one holding golden lights. That changed though in Thor: The Dark World, which introduced a Rainbow Bridge with pillars spread a bit further apart to allow large cables to run between each pillar and drape towards the Bridge itself. It's easy to see why, as there is one sequence in the film that takes advantage of those, and that is probably why the design was chosen.

They've changed the Rainbow Bridge has a lot from r/marvelstudios

In Thor: Ragnarok it changes yet again with an even bigger overhaul. The Ragnarok Rainbow Bridge has very short pillars on each side, so short that those who stand on the Bridge stand high above them. They also feature an alternating design as you move across the Bridge, and the large pillars holding it up from below emerge from the water and are even further spread apart.

As someone in the comments pointed out, that decision was likely made so that audiences could focus on all the action. The Rainbow Bridge is a big part of the final sequence and features everything from a close-up melee fight between team Thor and Hela to an attempted spaceship boarding to a huge throwdown between a giant Wolf and the Hulk. That's not to mention the Surtur vs Hela scene, again taking place around the Bridge.

It's pretty remarkable to see how much just one aspect of the films has changed, and if there is a Thor 4, you can likely expect the Rainbow Bridge to get another redesign when it finally hits the screen.