Marvel To Reveal New Iron Man Suit Never Before Seen In The MCU At Avengers Campus

Marvel is set to reveal a brand new Iron Man suit never before seen in the MCU at the Avengers [...]

Marvel is set to reveal a brand new Iron Man suit never before seen in the MCU at the Avengers Campus. Disneyland's newest section of the park will play home to the entire team of superheroes, but Iron Man holds a special place in the hearts of fans worldwide. Well, guests at Disneyland Resort will get a chance to see Tony Stark in a brand new armor as he helps patrol the entire campus. attended a media preview of the Avengers Campus at the Disneyland Resort. Scott Drake, Portfolio Creative Executive for Walt Disney Imagineering and Dan Fields, Executive Creative Director of Disney Parks Live Entertainment were kind enough to share some details about Iron Man's new look.

Drake began, "Tony Stark has influenced, from design, everything about Avengers Campus. So making sure that we can deliver on Iron Man, this is huge for us to not only deliver on such an iconic character, but designing it again with Ryan Meinerding and making it something that can walk among us, be right there. We're going to be meeting him daily."

"This is a Disney Parks exclusive suit from the Iron Man arsenal. This is the Mark 80," Fields proclaimed. "You will only find it here. And Iron Man will be waiting for you out front every day, in front of Avengers Headquarters for truly awesome heroic encounters."

The company has not been shy about how big of a deal the Avengers Campus will be. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige called the attractions, "the next step" in their storytelling processes.

"Going to Disneyland, that's what we did as a family, going on these amazing rides that promised a spectacular future ahead," he said during a behind-the-scenes featurette screened during the media preview. "The notion of having films that I was a part of brought to life is amazing… Avengers Campus is absolutely the next progression of telling these stories, of experiencing what it's like to ride alongside these characters. It could only be done in a Disney theme park attraction."

Whenever the parks re-open, the prospect of this new world to explore will be a huge boost for both the company and all the fans who were excited to visit all of their favorite heroes. Iron Man's new look is only the tip of the iceberg and there are even more surprises in store at the Avengers Campus.

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