Marvel Legends Compound Hulk Figure Launches as a Collector Con Exclusive


Walmart kicked off their Collector Con event today, which takes place alongside San Diego Comic-Con 2021. Over the course of four days they will reveal a wide range of exclusives that include Marvel Legends figures - like this Compound Hulk, which you can pre-order here at Walmart for $29.97 while it lasts. The release date is set for November.

If you're unfamiliar, Compound Hulk is a mashup of the Green Hulk and Red Hulk - a short-lived character that appeared in 2011's Hulk #30 (Comixology), by Jeff Parker and Ed McGuinness. The story involved General Thunderbolt Ross aka Red Hulk joining forces with Bruce Banner to fight Xemnu. Xemnu found ways to negate their powers individually, but thanks to the Impossible Man, Green Hulk and Red Hulk were able to merge into one body to overcome their individual weaknesses.

Indeed, this is your opportunity to own the weirdest (but possibly the strongest) Hulk in Marvel history as a Legends figure. Again, pre-orders are live at Walmart now (exclusive). The 6-inch scale figure includes a pair of swappable hands.

The Compound Hulk Marvel Legends figure is one of many new items that Walmart will release during their Collector Con event. You can keep tabs on all of the new releases right here via our master list.

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