Silk Wins Hasbro's Marvel Legends Figure Fan Vote

Hasbro has given fans the opportunity to collect pint-sized tributes of some of Marvel Comics' most beloved characters, through their Marvel Legends series of action figures. Earlier this year, the company conducted a fan poll to see which fan-favorite character they should make into a figure yet -- and it looks like the winner is officially in. On Saturday, Hasbro Pulse's official Instagram account revealed the first official look at their Cindy Moon/Silk figure, which is expected to be available to purchase later this month. Silk won the fan poll with 57% of the vote, beating out Lady Sif and Elektra.

In the comics, Cindy Moon is a classmate of Peter Parker's, who was bit by the same radioactive spider as he was. Upon the manifestation of her powers, a man named Ezekiel Sims took her away and locked her in a bunker for her safety against the villainous Morlun. Cindy then re-emerged from the bunker over a decade later, and began to suit up as Silk.

This figure's unveiling comes at a pretty interesting time for Silk, as the character was confirmed to be getting a live-action television adaptation earlier this month. The project is currently in early development at Sony Pictures TV, with Good Trouble and Atypical alum Lauren Moon in talks to write the series, and reports indicating that Amazon could ultimately be the streaming home for the roster of shows. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse's Phil Lord and Chris Miller are set to executive produce the series, as part of their overall deal to develop Spider-Man themed TV shows.

“We are so grateful to everyone at Sony Pictures Television for choosing to partner with us and expand our enduring relationship with the studio,” Lord and Miller said in a statement when that deal was first announced. “Together we aim to make groundbreaking work of the highest quality and integrity, and to place that work in convenient proximity to your eyeballs and earholes, wherever you may be.”

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