Marvel Reveals Official Timeline of Infinity Stone

The Power Stone is the Inifnity Stone that movie audiences first got to know in Guardians of the Galaxy, but as subsequent movies have proven, it has had a long and complicated path through the Marvel Cinematic Universe -- one that stretches back long before Guardians. That is true of all of the stones to one extent or another, but the path of the Power Stone is especially long and winding. Marvel UK has proven as much, with an Instagram post that follows the path of the stone through numerous images that connect to be a long infographic we wouldn't mind having as a poster.

Beginning with the creation of the stones, the infographic follows the journey of the Power Stone through several Marvel movies, with a little time travel thrown in for good measure. They make sure to break down who did what with it, too, meaning that Guardians is essentially two panes of an Instagram post all on its own.

You can see it below.

We especially like the paperweights being part of the story.

These kinds of guides likely exist for all manner of characters, objects, and props in the MCU. It helps the people behind the scenes know exactly the status of things, so that they don't accidentally create unwanted continuity errors.

The MCU Wiki has an entry for the Power Stone which gives a succinct history which matches up so closely with the infographic, it may well have been based on it. Here's that breakdown:

The Power Stone was one of the six Infinity Stones, the remnant of a singularity that predated the universe, representing the element of power. It was used by the Celestial Eson the Searcher until it was contained within the Orb and hidden for millennia on Morag.

The Orb containing the Power Stone was coveted by Thanos, who employed the Kree warrior Ronan the Accuser in 2014 to retrieve it for him. However, before Ronan could acquire the Orb, it was stolen by Star-Lord, prompting a galaxy-wide hunt that resulted in the Orb being given to the Nova Corps for safe-keeping. Thanos later retrieved the Power Stone from the Nova Corps in 2018 and inserted it into his Infinity Gauntlet, using it in conjunction with the other five stones to eliminate half of all life in the universe. Following the completion of his life's goal, Thanos destroyed all six stones to prevent his work from being undone.

In 2023, the Avengers initiated a Time Heist in order to resurrect the victims of the Snap, with War Machine and Nebula sent back in time to 2014 to retrieve the Power Stone from Morag, creating an alternate timeline. Following the Battle of Earth, where Iron Man used all six stones to kill Thanos and his army at the cost of his own life, Captain America time-traveled to the alternate 2014 to return the Power Stone.

You can see all the movies in which the Power Stone appears on Disney+.