Marvel Reveals Wasteland M.O.D.O.K, Green Goblin, and More

Marvel Comics have given 'The Wasteland' a new life, even after killing off its most famous [...]

Marvel Comics have given "The Wasteland" a new life, even after killing off its most famous inhabitant in Old Man Logan. The alternate Earth lives on now with an all-new series, Avengers of the Wastelands, and a brand new group of Earth's mightiest heroes have assembled lead by Dani Cage (the new Thor) with Hulk Jr, the new Ant-Man, and a new Captain America. Even though the legacy of these heroes has been passed down to new characters, many of the villains from the Marvel U are still running around in the Wasteland and the final page of the new issue revealed even more of them.

As Avengers of the Wastelands #3 comes to a close, the heroes find themselves traveling the desert on the look for Doctor Doom and his armies, but they're being led to a trap. The final page reveals that this trap has been set by none other than a gang of villains that are somehow still alive including the likes of MODOK, Green Goblin, Absorbing Man, Shocker, Wild Child, and Enchantress, all of whom have clearly seen better days.

Based on the faces and clear progression of time on the characters these do appear to be the original versions and not people that have taken on their mantle as means to an end. Fittingly all of them have at one point or another been referenced in the various Wastelands comics and even in the original "Old Man Logan" storyline itself, though the appearance of some of them was later revealed to be an illusion. The villains still have it out for the heroes though, and seem to have developed an appetite for human flesh in some capacity, check out the final splash page below.

wasteland villains
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

As the solicits for Avengers of the Wastelands #4 reveals, the heroes will come face to face with the Green Goblin and his deadly "Osborn City." Set to be released on April 1, the solicit reads:

• THOR, ANT-MAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA and HULK JR. have fallen into the clutches of NORMAN OSBORN, a.k.a. the GREEN GOBLIN.

• Let's just say, the years have not been kind to the Goblin's psyche…

• A knockdown drag-out fight between the AVENGERS and the likes of ENCHANTRESS, WILD CHILD, ABSORBING MAN and more reveals the true nature of DOOM's mission, and the hidden betrayal that may crush all hope in the Wastelands!

Issues #1 through 3 of Avengers of the Wastelands are available now.