Marvel Reveals Way For X-Men Who Lost Their Powers To Get Them Back

It’s a new day for the X-Men, and life itself has taken on brand new forms as mutants can [...]

It's a new day for the X-Men, and life itself has taken on brand new forms as mutants can reclaim their powers. X-Men #7 lays out the ways in which these de-powered individuals can get back their abilities. The entire nation of Krakoa is still getting used to the new normal. That includes Cyclops, who begins the issue talking to Wolverine about all the change that's taken place over the last couple of months. The grizzled mutant makes a joke about some of the more heady questions being lobbed at him. He tells the former X-Men leader that maybe he should go talk to a priest, and that's precisely what Scott Summers sets out to do. Upon reaching Nightcrawler's new perch, the two begin to discuss the ethics of how the mutants will go about getting their powers back. *Spoilers for X-Men #7 are set to follow.*

House of X/Powers of X have laid out the Five as an avenue to mutant resurrection. Well, now the council has decided to use that power to allow rejuvenation of powers if the user is willing. Now, both Cyclops and Nightcrawler have their reservations about this decision as it would be was to see someone abusing the process. But how? Well, the user who is being revived could strive to have the powers of another mutant or even more curiously, a mash-up of powers. Also of concern to Cyclops, could this end up spoiling the paradise of Krakoa in some way.

For Kurt, these questions are more spiritual in nature. What does taking this amount of agency over their own bodies do to their connection to a larger power? Well, Nightcrawler was a priest back in 1991's X-Men #103 and it has remained a part of his character this entire time. Jonathan Hickman hasn't been shy about dialing into Kurt's introspective nature before. He's a bit of a conscience for the mutants at certain points because of his spiritual leanings. The entire ordeal in this issue prompts him to explore starting a mutant religion right there on Krakoa.

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The issue begins with this quote, "By combining their mutant powers, the Five have given the X-Men — and the Krakoan people — the miraculous opportunity to be reborn after death. But nothing so incredible comes without a cost…"

Aero is a young mutant who had her powers taken by Scarlet Witch during House of M. When Wanda spoke the words "no more mutants" a bunch of people lost their connection to their abilities. Now, by accepting fate and laying down their lives, the de-powered can see themselves returned to their former glory. Aero dies by Apocalypse's hands and gets a new lease on life. (Funny enough, Scarlet Witch is now a bit of a Voldemort character in mutant lore after her part in M-Day.)