Peter Parker Becomes the Amazing Spider-Hulk

Both Hulk and Spider-Man have had their hands full during the Absolute Carnage event this year. It [...]

Both Hulk and Spider-Man have had their hands full during the Absolute Carnage event this year. It looks like The Immortal Hulk will be having some more adventures alongside the Web-Slinger as Marvel announced a new title featuring the hero today. Immortal Hulk: Great Power #1 will hit store shelves in January. It seems that Venom and Carnage are not the only entities that can switch hosts when the mood strikes them. The Hulkis positioned on the upcoming cover for the issue in Spider-Man's costume. He's swinging along on what looks to be some Gamma-radiated webs and he means business if that scowl is any indication of what's coming next. Poor Spidey's mask doesn't even escape this whole thing unscathed. As one would expect, The Hulk is literally burning out of the costume's seams.

The image looks a lot like Web of Spider-Man #70 from 1990 in fact. That issue was titled "Are You Ready for Spider-Hulk?" So this isn't a completely new avenue for the company. But, it is a chance for the creators to explore what each character is with their powers and how those abilities actually factor into their personalities. What is Bruce Banner like if he doesn't have the balancing act with The Hulk? In the same way, what does introducing such a rage-based persona do to everyone's favorite Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man? Apparently, Immortal Hulk will let us get a glimpse of what that will be like.

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Absolute Carnage is still rolling along and Hulk looked to be in pretty dire straits when readers last saw him. He had merged with the Venom symbiote and was doing battle with a new, more powerful Carnage. (Poor Hulk just can't be himself lately, there's always something else inserting itself into the equation.) Well, that fight didn't go so well, and the hero had the symbiote ripped from him. Bruce Banner was laying there being attended to by Spider-Man and company while Eddie Brock headed off to get the final confrontation started. But, there are more Hulk adventures coming soon.

Here's Marvel's official description for The Immortal Hulk: Great Power #1:

Written by Tom Taylor with art by Jorge Molina, the Hulk is about to find a web-slingin' new host as the stars of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and IMMORTAL HULK unite!

When Bruce Banner wakes up in the middle of the night without the Hulk, he thinks he's finally free. But the Hulk is immortal—and the night's not over yet.

If you thought he was dangerous in the body of mild-mannered Bruce Banner, wait till you see him now. Peter Parker is a man with the proportional strength and agility of a spider, capable of lifting trains on his bad days... And he's about to get a big, green power-up—with a temper to match.

Pre-order IMMORTAL HULK: GREAT POWER #1 at your local comic shop today, then pick it up on January 29, 2020!