Marvel Reveals First Spider-Man NFTs

Marvel has revealed the first official Spider-Man NFTs (Non-fungible token) which will be released [...]

Marvel has revealed the first official Spider-Man NFTs (Non-fungible token) which will be released this month. VeVe Digital Collectibles app is the venture that Marvel has partnered Orbis Blockchain Technologies Limited to launch, basically giving the Marvel brand a new lane in the lucrative digital and/or cryptocurrency markets. NFTs are one of the fastest-growing commodities on the digital market, giving collectors vouchers for rare digital collectible items like the original images that became famous memes, or high-value digital pieces of pop culture, music, and/or sports memorabilia. Now comic book superhero memorabilia will officially be part of that evolving market.

"Spider-Man is one of the most legendary Super Heroes in the Marvel Universe, so there was no better way to kick off our global digital collectibles experience with VeVe," said Dan Buckley, President, Marvel Entertainment. "We can't wait to bring Marvel fans and collectors even more exciting drops throughout August and beyond."

"It is very exciting to see our collaboration with Marvel finally come to fruition," said David Yu, Co-Founder & CEO, VeVe. "We cannot wait to offer fans unique ways to collect their favorite Marvel Super Heroes and memorabilia in digital form. Marvel has been a great partner and we look forward to celebrating the 'Marvel Month' with fans around the world on the VeVe app."

You can get get a first look and full details of Marvel's new Spider-Man NFTs (and the larger VeVe Digital Collectibles service), from the official press release, below:

 Marvel Official Spider Man NFT Crouch-pose
(Photo: Marvel - VeVE)
Marvel Official Spider Man NFT Web Shooters
(Photo: Marvel - VeVE)
Marvel Official Spider Man NFT Hanging Pose
(Photo: Marvel - VeVE)


VeVe Digital Collectibles app celebrates 'Marvel Month' with the first series of official Marvel NFT collectible releases throughout August

New York, NY — Aug. 5, 2021 — Marvel Entertainment and Orbis Blockchain Technologies Limited, a digital collectibles company operating the VeVe Digital Collectibles App, announced the first official NFTs to be offered as part of their recently revealed collaboration will be based on the mega-popular Marvel Super Hero, Spider-Man. Fans all over the world can purchase and interact with five different digital statues of the iconic Marvel web-slinger on Aug. 7 at 8 a.m. PT.

The Spider-Man digital statue launch will be offered in various limited quantities and prices:

● Common - Spider-Man – The Amazing Spider-Man

○ Price: $40.00 – Quantity: 32,000

● Uncommon - Spider-Man – Hangin' Out

○ Price: $50.00 – Quantity: 16,000

● Rare - Spider-Man – Jump Into Action

○ Price: $100.00 – Quantity: 9,000

● Ultra-Rare - Spider-Man – Animated

○ Price: $250.00 – Quantity: 2,500

● Secret-Rare - Spider-Man – Ultimate Animated

○ Price: $400.00 – Quantity: 1,000

The Spider-Man series drop is the first of many digital statues, digital comic books, and other digital collectibles in VeVe's Marvel Month initiative. Fans can celebrate and look forward to collecting new Marvel digital products in August including:

Marvel Comics #1 - The first Marvel comic book released in 1939, fans will have the opportunity to collect five different variant versions of this highly sought-after issue. Each version will have a different cover and a different level of rarity and offered in a 'blind box' format for $6.99.

Marvel Mightys -– A new exclusive line of Super-D figures making their debut on the VeVe app. The first collectibles will be a Captain America series and feature Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, John F. Walker, and the Red Skull. Each digital figure will have a different level of rarity and will also be sold in a blind box format for $13.00.

The VeVe Digital Collectibles App is available on iOS and Android. Fans can buy and collect a variety of Marvel NFTs; trade and hunt for rare (and even secret-rare) NFT comic books and collectibles; and display their hard-earned collection through fully customizable virtual showrooms.