Marvel Studios and Doctor Strange Confirmed for San Diego Comic-Con 2016

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

Scott Derrickson and Doctor Strange, the next Marvel Studios film this year, will be at Comic-Con International: San Diego. The writer-director made the announcement via twitter Friday, offering it up as a not-so-subtle hint. He took a picture of an official Comic-Con banner featuring Benedict Cumberbatch as the character with the text, "Will I be at Comic Con this year? Here's a hint..."

The information comes as there have been rumors that many studios are second-guessing attending the annual convention. It looks like Marvel Studios will have their typical presence with a major Hall H panel centered on Doctor Strange at the show, though. The studio took 2015 off from SDCC, as Star Wars took Disney's slot, and the D23 Expo, Disney's own fan convention, took place just three weeks after the show, with a Marvel-focused portion.

As for other attendees, Derrickson didn't say anything more than that hint above, but it's a safe bet we'll see Benedict Cumberbatch at the show, and probably more than a couple other cast members.

Typically, Marvel Studios will not focus on just one film at these massive panels. Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 is currently nearing the end of principal photography and could also appear at the show. While no new movie announcements are expected, since plans through the end of "Phase 3" are already long-since announced, we could see a casting announcement or two, including some new official casting for Black Panther, the official announcement of new heroes coming to Avengers: Infinity War like Captain Marvel, and maybe even an official title for that series of two films.


San Diego Comic-Con takes place July 20-24, 2016.