Marvel Studios Introduces a New Version of the MCU Fanfare

I Am Groot Season 2 is now streaming on Disney+.

The second season of I Am Groot is now streaming on Disney+ and while the five new episodes — and Groot's new, zany adventures — are well worth getting excited about, the new season comes with a little something else for Marvel fans to enjoy: a brand-new fanfare for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Season 2 of I Am Groot introduces a fresh version of the iconic Marvel Studios fanfare and while it's a version that's pretty specific to I Am Groot, It's a lot of fun.

As all Marvel Studios projects do, I Am Groot starts with the fanfare, but very quickly everything changes. Groot's hand holding a remote control pops up and then we start fast forwarding through the fanfare. That's right, Groot is just like the rest of us. Sometimes you have to skip that intro to get to the good stuff (sorry, fanfare.)

How Does I Am Groot Fit Into the MCU?

With the MCU ever expanding, many have had questions about I Am Groot's place within the MCU and last year, Marvel Studios animated producer Brad Winderbaum opened up about what the existence of the multiverse allows them to do with animation and how Groot is able to have his own saga with I Am Groot.

"I think what's amazing about the Multiverse Saga in particular is that you can go down so many more roads," Winderbaum told Variety. "We've experimented at the studio for a long time about telling stories that take place in a linear fashion, but also going back in time, and being able to show how the MCU can blossom in the past. But what the multiverse does, it allows us to look at alternate paths and other takes on the characters, which is, of course, what happens in the comic books as different artists, different writers, different storytellers work with characters. You see them expanding and growing in unforeseen, unexpected ways. And that's something that is our guiding light as we make more animated projects."

"It's fun to see what he does when nobody's looking," he added. "Like an actual kid, that's where he gets into the most trouble – when he's right outside the realm of parental eyes. That's part of the shorts you kind of identify with, or at least I do. You watch it and I remember what it was like to be a kid, and the other side of me is, 'Oh, that's what it's like to be a parent, watching a kid and worrying they're going to be doing something terrible.'"

Was James Gunn Involved With Making I Am Groot?

While James Gunn brought Groot into the MCU with the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, he wasn't involved in the second season of I Am Groot, but director Kirsten Lepore told that he did give his blessing.

"I think he had a lot of trust and faith in us, especially after Season 1. I took it as an approval where I was like, 'Okay, we got our groove, we're doing our thing, James gives us the thumbs up. I think we're good to go for Season 2,'" Lepore said. "His fingerprints and DNA are always in there because he created this character."

I Am Groot is streaming on Disney+.