Secret Marvel Studios Series Reportedly In the Works From Better Call Saul Writer

There's a secret Marvel Studios TV series reportedly in the works from Better Call Saul writer [...]

There's a secret Marvel Studios TV series reportedly in the works from Better Call Saul writer Marion Dayre. It seems that Dayre has been set as showrunner for the new Marvel series - a fact that she herself announced over Instagram, and was mentioned in print as part of her resume for a mentoring gig she's doing at San Francisco State University. In the bio for Dayre, it's mentioned that "Ms. Dayre was a writer and executive story editor for the AMC series Better Call Saul and is currently lead writer for a Marvel television series in development."

Marion Dayre New Marvel Series In Development
(Photo: Marion Dayre Instagram / SFSU News)

We already know all the writers and showrunners for most of the major upcoming Marvel series like She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Secret Invasion, and Moon Knight (only Armor Wars has yet to announce its director). So, the fact that there's yet another showrunner on the payroll means there could indeed be a new Marvel series we have not heard about yet.

Marion Dayre's resume leans heavily towards comedy, having worked as an assistant on series like United States of Tara. She's also been an assistant to Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Goldbergs star Jeff Garlin for many years, so she's definitely been in circles with some of the most successful comedic minds in the industry today.

Dayre's work as a writer and executive story editor on Better Call Saul is also one heck of a breakout career stride. The Breaking Bad spinoff has been embraced as a masterful expansion of franchise creator Vince Gilligan's Southwestern world of drug cartels and the damning lures of money and power. Saul has been particularly highlighted for its writing, with some fans arguing that the spinoff has arguably surpassed Breaking Bad in terms of the depth and nuance of its story.

With all that said, there's no telling what kind of character or project that Marion Dayre is attached to. One guess may be Loki season 2, which is already slated for production. Season 1 director Kate Herron won't be returning as showrunner for season 2, so there's announcement waiting to be made on that front. Marion Dayre's dark comedy work on Better Call Saul could be well-suited for Loki season 2 - especially if it spends a lot of time focusing on Sophia Di Martino's Sylvie, following her pivotal choice to kill He Who Remains and unleash the full possibilities (and massive danger) of a new Marvel Multiverse.

If not Loki, it's anyone's guess which character(s) Marvel could be secretly grooming for the next wave of Disney+ series. What would your guess be?