Superior Spider-Man Makes a Deal With Mephisto That May Change Him Forever

The Superior Spider-Man is back in action in the pages of his own solo series. Otto Octavius, [...]

The Superior Spider-Man is back in action in the pages of his own solo series. Otto Octavius, living in a clone of Peter Parker's body under the alias Eliot Tolliver, moved to San Francisco. Once the Superior Octopus, he began protecting the city and returned to his version of the Spider-Man persona. As Tolliver, he began working at Horizon Labs and entered a romantic relationship with Emma Hernandez. His world was thrown into chaos when a version of Norman Osborn who was Spider-Man in another timeline came to the main Marvel Universe and revealed the truth about Otto's identity. Now Otto has made a deal with the devil to set things right. SPOILERS for Superior Spider-Man #11 by Christos Gage and Mike Hawthorne follow.

In 2007, Peter Parker found himself in a similar situation to the one Otto finds himself in here. Peter had revealed his secret identity during the events of Civil War. That led to Aunt May being shot. Peter needed a way to make his identity secret again. He made a deal with the devil, Marvel's Mephisto. He got his secret identity back, but it came at a price. Mephisto rewrote Spider-Man's history so that Peter and Mary Jane Watson were never married.

Otto must make a similar choice. He asks Mephisto to turn him back into Doctor Octopus, someone relentless and vicious enough to beat Norman Osborn, but for one day only. Mephisto refuses. Instead, he offers to turn Otto back permanently, removing any of the sickness or madness that Otto believes made him villainous in his past life, as well those memories Otto took from Peter Parker that helped put him on the path of the hero. Mephisto frames it as a chance for Otto to be Otto free of influence perhaps for the first time since he turned into Doctor Octopus.

Anna Marconi, a close friend whom Otto once loved, begs Otto not to go through with it. But it seems Otto agrees to Mephisto's bargain.

Doctor Octopus
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Doctor Octopus is back, and he's gunning for this Norman Osborn. What happens next will be told in the final issue of Superior Spider-Man. What do you think of Otto's bargain with Mephisto? Let us know in the comments. Superior Spider-Man #11 is on sale now.

Superior Spider-Man #11
(W) Christos Gage (A/CA) Mike Hawthorne

• Otto Octavius, the Superior Spider-Man, saved San Francisco several times, defeated Terrax and Master Pandemonium and has built quite a life for himself.

• Sadly, the Spider-Powered Norman Osborn from SPIDER-GEDDON has arrived to destroy it all.

• Does Otto stand a chance of stopping him? Does he stand a chance at LIVING THROUGH this?!

Rated T+
In Shops: Sep 25, 2019
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