'Marvel vs. DC' Fan Trailer Imagines 'Rise of the Villains'

For over 60 years, fans have wondered what it would be like if the Marvel Universe heroes battled [...]

For over 60 years, fans have wondered what it would be like if the Marvel Universe heroes battled those of the DC Universe. They've gotten their wish on several occasions in comic book form, but what about on screen?

That isn't going to happen anytime soon, which is why fans have taken it upon themselves to create trailers. Fan trailers usually remix material from official trailer together to make something new.

Mightyraccoon has done something a little different with his Marvel vs. DC "sneak peek." His video bears the subtitle "Rise of the Villains." The video shows Marvel and DC villains interrogating the Punisher. The video is computer animated using audio from film and television.

Frank Castle doesn't break. Joker is getting involved when the cavalry arrives: Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg. Take a look above.

If you don't love this Marvel vs. DC trailer, then try this one. Or this one. Or this other one. Or this one that focuses on the Justice League and X-Men.

If you want something more than a trailer, try searching for the DC vs. Marvel Comics limited series crossover from 1996. Peter David and Ron Marz wrote the four-issue event. Dan Jurgens and Claudio Castellini drew the series. The event featured marquee showdowns like Superman vs. Hulk, Spider-Man vs. Superboy, Batman vs. Captain America, Wolverine vs. Lobo, and Storm vs. Wonder Woman.

The series led to the creation of the Amalgam Universe. Amalgam comics combined Marvel and DC characters to create new heroes and villains.

Or you could check out JLA/Avengers, the 2003-2004 series written by Kurt Busiek. The series was the last time that Marvel and DC allowed their characters to interact. The story sees the Justice League and Avengers teaming up to defeat a threat to both their universes. This series has the popular page with Superman wielding Mjolnir and Cap's shield.

In 2009, animation legend Bruce Timm expressed interest in adapting the series as a movie. It seems unlikely to happen, but fans can hope. Animation seems like a more likely place for the crossover to occur than live-action.