Tom Payne is Ready to Play Marvel's Wolverine

Tom Payne is ready to bet on himself for a major role. The actor has proved such a move to be a [...]

Tom Payne is ready to bet on himself for a major role. The actor has proved such a move to be a wise one in the past, having exited The Walking Dead when the AMC series became a bit too crowded from him to have a sufficient amount of screen time, leading to existence of his now hit acclaimed series Prodigal Son. Payne's acting chops have been on full display as the detective son of a serial killer on his Fox series but he is already eyeing up another major role. The former Walking Dead star is more than ready to take on the role of one of the best known and most popular X-Men characters. He's ready to play Wolverine.

Payne has previously shared his affinity for the idea of playing Wolverine in a Marvel movie, a role which was once defined by Hugh Jackman. However, Jackman's physical build clocks him in at more than 6-feet tall, while Payne is a bit under that margin. This puts him more in line with the comic version of the character.

"I've told you this before but I think I could be a more height appropriate Wolverine," Payne said on's Talking Shop. "I think because I'm a smaller person. I can't remember what episode it is but there's an episode of Prodigal Son where I wake up in my underwear and, you can see, I can put the beef on! I can do it, definitely. Hugh Jackman, he's so tall and big, he had to eat so much. It's like Chris Hemsworth. You have to eat so much and spend so much money on food. I think I would have to work out a bit less but, still, it's a huge thing."

If the physicality of it is in check, Payne could turn up the brood and offer a tough yet charming take on Logan which would certainly keep his take on the character different from that of Jackman. It's going to be a daunting role to fill for whoever inevitably gets the part, eventually.

While it seems like only a matter of time until all big actors find their fit in the Marvel or DC universes, there is another property which Payne admits he is highly interested in, should it come to life. "There's another property which I would love to be a part of," Payne revealed. "I'm a huge Highlander fan. I got a hold of a script for the new version. I don't know if Chad Stahelski, who is gonna direct it, is gonna get around to it in the next few years but that's definitely a really cool franchise, as well."

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