Marvel Cliffhanger Sees Kingpin Claiming Membership In The X-Men's Mutant Nation

When the X-Men formed their own mutant nation of Krakoa, they made the bold choice to open their borders to all mutants, regardless of their status as "good" or "evil" mutants. That decision has come back to bite Krakoa more than once – and the latest example of a bad guy exploiting that noble intent may be the most outrageous yet! 


Marvel's X-Men #20 sees the mutant superhero team getting hit from just about every angle possible. The X-Men have been pitching in with the fight against The Brood hive, which has once again been terrorizing the universe, infecting and killing every living being in their path. When Jean Grey digs into the mind of the Brood's current king, X-Men ally Broo, they discover this extraterrestrial threat has a supernatural mastermind behind it: Nightmare. 

Turns out, Nightmare is still mad at the X-Men (especially Jean Grey) for defeating him earlier in the series (X-Men #4), and he's been manipulating Broo in his sleep, setting loose an entire horde of The Brood to attack the cosmos. Part of that plan included infecting mutants with Brood larva – giving the Brood offspring the ability to travel through Krakoa's portal gateways.  

Jean and the rest of the X-Men don't even have time to process the threat to their nation's shores before they get a call from Krakoa that a very human threat is invading their nation: Wilson Fisk, aka The Kingpin! 

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Marvel's Devil's Reign event ended with Wilson Fisk being taken down as Mayor of NYC by Daredevil, after killing Matt Murdock's brother Mike. Fisk was seemingly arrested and on the way to prison – but his son Butch had him sprung, and instead of taking on a bigger scheme to become POTUS, Fisk instead "retired" from crime, leaving the empire to his son and sailing off into the sunset (literally) with his new lady supervillain love, Typhoid Mary. 

Well... the end of X-Men #20 makes it clear that Kingpin and Typhoid Mary have been up to some things since setting sail together. Fisk and Mary are married, and since Typhoid Mary is a mutant, she technically has access to the land and (more importantly) amnesty that Krakoa offers to all mutants. And, if there is a loophole to be exploited, you know that Kingpin is going to be the one to do it. 

Krakoa has already been home to Magneto, Apocalypse, Mr. Sinister, and other big villains from the X-Men Universe. However, Kingpin would be the first human evildoer allowed there; not only would it shake the social fabric of the mutant nation, but it would also give Fisk access to the unequaled natural resources of Krakoa, which make the nation a world power. The word "Kingpin" could take on a whole new meaning...

X-Men #20 is now on sale.