Marvel Reveals New X-Men Villains

Marvel’s Dawn of X initiative set up a new era for the X-Men. They now live on the island nation [...]

Marvel's Dawn of X initiative set up a new era for the X-Men. They now live on the island nation of Krakoa, a sovereign nation separated from humanity. But the X-Men still have enemies. Professor X managed to convince all the major nations of the world to defund and shut down shadow organizations like Weapon X that tried to weaponize mutants. But the remnants of those groups have formed a new organization that will challenge Xavier and Krakoa. SPOILERS for X-Force #3 by Benjamin Percy, Joshua Cassara, and Guru-eFX follow.

In X-Force #1, Domino infiltrated this mysterious organization. She was found out, taken captive, and skinned. A group of Reavers then attacked Krakoa. Thanks to the extra luck they gained by grafting Domino's skin to their bodies, these Reavers were successful in assassinating Professor X.

These new Reavers are brutal and efficient. Though they were taken down following their mission, one was taken prisoner alive. But someone returned to finish the job and keep them quiet.

Though the X-Men were successful in restoring Professor X to life, this attack shattered the sense of safety that Krakoa had previously instilled. Xavier is shaken enough to form a new X-Force, part intelligence agency and part black ops team, to fight these threats n the shadows.

But who are they? The final page of X-Force #3 reveals that they are a group calling themselves the Xeno.

X-Force Xeno
(Photo: Marvel)

It seems like the Xeno are being set up as the primary threat that X-Force will be tasked with handling. That they managed to get the better of Domino, infiltrate Krakoa, and kill Professor X suggests that they are a threat to be taken seriously. Under Beast and Wolverine's leadership, the new X-Force is sure to be kept busy dealing with the Xeno.

What do you think of the introduction of the Xeno as new villains in the Dawn of X? Let us know what you think about it in the comments section. X-Force #3 is on sale now.

X-Force #3
(W) Ben Percy (A) Joshua Cassara (CA) Dustin Weaver



First, the new team strikes back against the humans who took one of their own. Then, with its orders established, the new X-Force hits the ground running, taking on deadly threats targeting mutantkind's rightful place in the world...

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