Marvel Releases X-Men Dawn of X Trailer

Marvel has released a new trailer for Dawn of X. The trailer teases that the dawn of X is about to [...]

Marvel has released a new trailer for Dawn of X. The trailer teases that the dawn of X is about to break. The trailer shows the covers for the new series revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, as well as some interior artwork. There are six new ongoing series launching this fall following the conclusion of Jonathan Hickman's House of X and Powers of X miniseries. Hickman will write the flagship title, X-Men, with Leinil Francis Yu providing art. Tini Howard and Marcus To take over Excalibur, which sees Captain Britain and her team keeping an eye on the intersection between mutants and magic. Marauders by Gerry Duggan and Matteo Lolli sees Kate Pryde leading a band of pirate X-Men backed by the Hellfire Trading Company to protect mutants around the globe. New Mutants by Hickman, Ed Brisson, and artist Rod Reis sends the younger generation of mutants to outer space. Fallen Angels by Bryan Edward Hill and Szymon Kudranski follows Psylocke, Cable, and X-23, three mutants who don't fit in with the new status quo for mutants. Finally, Benjamin Percy and Joshua Cassara's X-Force follow the intelligence and special ops wings of the mutant world.

"House of X and Powers of X lay the groundwork for a whole new world of X-Men stories for years to come, and the Dawn of X books are the promise of that new world come to life," said X-Men Senior Editor Jordan D. White. "They are the start of the new era that will change how we think of the X-Men and the kinds of stories we tell with them. It all begins here."

These new series are said to kick off the first phase of Jonathan Hickman's massive multi-year plan for the X-Men, redefining the characters and franchise for a new era. They are said to be perfect jumping-on points for new and long-time X-Men fans. And this is only the beginning.

"At the conclusion of our 12 weeks of HOX and POX, we'll be launching an entire new universe of X-books," Hickman told in an interview. "Some will be traditional fare, some carry through on ideas presented in HOX and POX. Some books are completely new concepts. I, personally, will be writing the ongoing flagship X-book. Now, we're already in production on all of these 'Wave 1' books and our plan at this moment is to introduce the titles, creative teams, and publishing details around SDCC, which is a week before HOX #1 goes on sale. We also just finished our plans for our 'Wave 2' books that will debut in 2020 and we're getting ready to hire talent for those."

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