Marvel's Delightful Heroes Return In 'Marvel Rising' #1

The lovable crew of Marvel Rising is getting the gang back together for a new adventure in [...]

The lovable crew of Marvel Rising is getting the gang back together for a new adventure in 2019!

The duo of Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl will be teaming up once more with Spider-Gwen, Inferno, America Chavez, and Quake in an all-new adventure that follows up the group's first movie Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors. While the last time around the team was still getting together, this time they will need to be on their game as they will be taking on the powerful Morgan le Fay, or else New Jersey will be sent back to the medieval ages.

We're pretty sure the city isn't fond of trading their Hondas and Toyotas for carriages and horses, so here's hoping the team can make it happen.

(Photo: Marvel)

The new adventure will be written by Nilah Magruder (M.F.K.) and drawn by Roberto Di Salvo (Marvel Adventures Spider-Man) and will feature covers by Audrey Mok (Jose and the Pussycats). You can check out the official description of the new book below, and the cover can be seen in the image above.

"Written by Dwayne McDuffie Award winning writer Nilah Magruder, best known for her web comic M.F.K. and Marvel's A Year of Marvels, and featuring art by Roberto Di Salvo (Marvel Zombies, Marvel Adventures Spider-Man) with covers by rising star Audrey Mok (Josie and the Pussycats, Archie), the brand new story follows Kamala and Doreen as they attempt to stop sorceress Morgan le Fay from turning New Jersey…into New Camelot! Don't miss the return of the team-up that has called "a charming adventure full of humor, inspired battles, and delightful visuals" – a team-up that has captured the hearts of comic readers around the world, and one that is now returning for an all-new Marvel Universe adventure!"

If you haven't check out the Marvel Rising comics, you can find our review of Marvel Rising: Omega right here, but you can also now check out Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors on Marvel HQ, in case you missed it when it aired on the Disney Channel.

Fans will also be getting a new 22 minute animated special titled Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts, which will be followed by a new 44 minute special titled Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron, and as you can guess from the names Ironheart will be introduced to the Marvel Rising universe in the process.

Marvel Rising #1 hits comic stores in March of 2019, while the new animates specials hit sometime in 2019.