Marvel's House of X Reveals What It Would Take to Bring Back Genosha

Ever since the X-Men were created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee in the earlier days of Marvel Comics, [...]

Ever since the X-Men were created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee in the earlier days of Marvel Comics, they have been scapegoated and subjected to persecution from a world that hates and fears what they don't understand. But now, under the pen of writer Jonathan Hickman and artists Pepe Larraz, R.B. Silva, and Marte Gracia, a new age is dawning on mutant kind. In the wake of millions of deaths, the latest issue of House of X issued a mission statement that will have long lasting ramifications for the entire Marvel Universe, especially if the mutants achieve their goal.

In House of X #5, Xavier and Magneto make it clear that the 16 million mutants killed on Genosha will not be considered a tragedy; it will be a crucible, and the X-Men now have a means to overcome that setback. The mutants are now working to resurrect EVERYONE who was lost over the years, and have possibly even figured out the means for immortality.

The issue establishes a new group of mutants known simply as the Five, and they make up some of the most unlikely characters in the franchise. With Hope Summers as their de facto leader, Proteus, Goldballs, Tempest, and Elixir have all come together to create a system in which they can create perfect duplicates of a mutant's body. Then Xavier comes along with their "souls," effectively keeping each mutant's personality and memories backed up on cloud servers spread throughout the world.

When a mutant dies, they have a means to bring them back to life, and with their limited production focus, they are working toward returning the 16 million lost since Genosha to the land of the living. And under the current system, it would take 300 years for them to resurrect every single mutant death over the last couple decades.

The new issue of House of X breaks down ho the Five's powers work in conjunction, establishing an order that could possibly be disrupted in the future. But for now, Xavier and Magneto make it clear that they plan to right the wrongs committed by Cassandra Nova way back in "E is for Extinction," when she commissioned a Sentinel production facility to aid in her campaign of revenge against Professor X and his mutant allies.

The comic makes it clear that all of these mutants won't be coming back right away, but given the revelations of Mister Sinister's DNA library established in Powers of X #4, it doesn't seem like anyone is off the table.

House of X #5 is now available in stores and online.