Marvel Stars Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson Talk About Playing With Their Action Figures

Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson starred alongside each other in Creed before they both joined [...]

Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson starred alongside each other in Creed before they both joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which launched their fame enough to score them each their own action figures. The actors, who both star in Creed II, admitted that they do have their own action figures but don't own figures of one another.

"I have mine in my kitchen above the sink so I see her when I wash dishes," Thompson shared with Entertainment Weekly about her toy collection. "Other women friends of mine, if they have one, I have a girl gang. There's Lupita [Nyong'o, as Nakia from Black Panther]. There's Evan Rachel Wood from Westworld."

One omission from Thompson's collection is her co-star, admitting, "I don't have Killmonger, I'm so sorry." Jordan clearly wasn't offended, admitting that he didn't have a Valkyrie figure, noting, "I don't have a lot, though. I'll get it."

Luckily, Thompson's generous spirit kicked in, offering, "I'll give it to you. I have an extra one."

Both Valkyrie and Killmonger are breakout stars of their films, Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther, respectively, yet both characters were absent from Avengers: Infinity War. Killmonger died at the end of his film, explaining his absence, though fans have been wondering about the fate of Valkyrie in the months since Infinity War's release.

When a fan asked Thompson on Twitter about if she became a victim of Thanos' deadly snap, Thompson claimed, "No, she's in one piece and THRIVING."

Killmonger might have been nothing but a memory by the time Thanos arrived on Earth, though Jordan previously claimed that, had the character still been around, he would have formulated a way to take down Thanos.

"I think the one thing about Killmonger is he really plans his attacks, and they're well thought out. So if he ever stepped in a situation with Thanos, he would feel confident that he had the upper hand—at the very least, he would know he had a shot," Jordan shared earlier this year with The AV Club. "So I mean, we already know that Erik's willing to sacrifice himself for a greater good, so I don't think he's ever fearful of losing his life. So I think if he ever stepped in front of Thanos, he'd already have a plan for taking him down."

While it's unlikely we'll see Killmonger in the MCU in the near future, audiences could potentially see Valkyrie in Avengers 4, landing in theaters on May 3, 2019. Fans can see Thompson and Jordan together in Creed II, in theaters now.