Morbius Trailer Released Online

Though Sony and Marvel Studios were able to work out their differences with the Wall Crawler [...]

Though Sony and Marvel Studios were able to work out their differences with the Wall Crawler himself, the studio is still chugging along with their own Spider-Man adjacent projects. After the success of Venom this strategy went to Full Steam Ahead, and the second venture is gearing up to hit theaters this year with Morbius later thisy ear. Featuring Jared Leto in the titular role and based on the character that made his debut in the pages of Spider-Man comics, Sony has now given us a first look at footage from the film with the official teaser trailer. Check it out for yourself in the player above!

Morbius follows Leto as Dr. Michael Morbius, a scientist whose attempt to cure himself of a blood disease leads to him developing vampire-like powers. The film is directed by Safe House's Daniel Espinosa. Pacific Rim: Uprising's Adria Arjona will star opposite Leto as the film's female lead with Matt Smith and Tyrese Gibson also set to appear. Though Smith's part in the film is currently unknown, Gibson will be playing the role of Agent Simon Stroud, a CIA agent who might be on the hunt for Morbius.

Little has been heard of the movie since it wrapped film last summer. Produced by longtime Spider-Man producer Avi Arad with Matt Tolmach and Lucas Foster. Arad has been rather vocal about the movie, suggesting the movie could be the first part of something much larger.

"Wait until you see the way he looks, what we have done with this character, you will love it," producer Avi Arad said in a previous interview. "There are so many other great characters on the way, too. You will see. We're just getting started."

"This is the great thing for us now, that an actor like [Leto], and an actor like [Venom star] Tom [Hardy] wanted to have their own character. But the character they love," he added in a separate interview. "Both of them, very hard to get them to do a movie. You actually cannot get them. We went in, we sat with them, and everybody told us, 'Oh, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba.' Nothing. That's what he wanted to do. We went to this place with them, and he just…good actors want to be different than what they are."

Morbius is scheduled to debut in theaters on July 31 with Venom 2 to follow on October 2. Other movies set in Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters currently in development include Nightwatch, Kraven the Hunter, Black at, Silver Sable, The Sinister Six, and Madame Web.