Marvel Reveals the Most Powerful Infinity Stone

The Infinity Stones are among the most powerful artifacts in the Marvel Universe, and Marvel may [...]

The Infinity Stones are among the most powerful artifacts in the Marvel Universe, and Marvel may have just realized which revealed which one is the most powerful of all.

SPOILERS for Infinity Wars #4 by Gerry Duggan, Mike Deodato Jr., and Frank Martin follow.

Since reappearing in the Marvel Universe, the Infinity Stones have set many events in motion. Gamora has killed her adoptive father Thanos and claimed the power of the Infinity Stones for herself, becoming the villain Requiem. She used the power of the Infinity Stones to cut lives in the universe in half by merging turning two souls into one.

Meanwhile, Loki has been investigating the nature of reality and trying to figure out why his own timeline is memories of events seem inconsistent. That led him to the Asgardian library at Omnipotence City, but the critical pages of the book he needed had been torn out.

It was also revealed that something is not right in Soul World, the plane of existence that exists within the Soul Stone. Several characters have lived in that universe before, included Adam Warlock, Pip the Troll, Gamora, and Drax. But something was stalking Soul World, some kind of monster known as Devondra.

It turns out all of these things are connected. Devondra was the subject of those pages ripped out of Loki's book. She is some kind of spider-god that devours souls and creates new realities out fo her threads, giving the Soul Gem it's power. That power is likely what allowed Requiem to merge so many souls at once, as it is also likely what allowed Thanos to eliminate half of all life on Earth with a finger snap. The Soul Stone is so powerful that the Asgardians removed her mention from their library so that no one would know of its true power.

The Soul Stone has always been unique among the Infinity Stones. It is the only Stone that appeared to be sentient, with a dark will of its own. Marvel fans now have a better understanding of why and what make sit so powerful.

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Requiem is victorious. Infinity has been warped. Reality only has one hope.

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