Ms. Marvel: New Look at Kamala Khan's MCU Costume Surfaces

Ms. Marvel is one of thee most popular superheroes in the Marvel Universe these days, and the company has no plans to waste her talent. As many know already, Marvel Studios is planning to bring Kamala Khan to life with her own live-action TV show, and Iman Vellani will play the Pakistani-American hero. And now, new promo art of Ms. Marvel has surfaced online to show her costume off.

The piece, which was brought to light by The Direct, shows Khan in her usual outfit... but not everything is status quo. For some time now, it has been rumored that Ms. Marvel will give its heroine new powers, and that seems to be true if this promo art has anything to say.

As you can see below, Ms. Marvel has a fist held up to her side, but it has not been embiggened like you'd expect. Instead, the heroine's hand is covered in a crystallized light. This sort of power calls back to heroes like DC Comics' Green Lantern, but we have no firm idea of how this gift might work in the MCU.

As for her outfit, Ms. Marvel is wearing a blue eye mask while her long brown hair covers her trademark red scarf. The hero's costume is similar to that found in her original comic run, but it is embellished with sleek panels and golden embroidery. The look completes itself with some red-and-white shoes, and this differs from the comics considering Khan started off wearing long blue boots.

At this point, fans are eager to get a first-look at Ms. Marvel, and this promo art will double their interest. After all, Ms. Marvel is a favorite character, and any changes made to her for the MCU will be scrutinized. Her superhuman ability to make herself elastic is an integral part of Khan, so fans are wary of her being given a different power. If this light-based quirk totally replaces what Ms. Marvel can do canonically, well - fans are not going to be happy.


Currently, Ms. Marvel is slated to debut on Disney+ in late 2021 or early 2022. Khan is expected to reappear in the MCU outside of her TV debut with her main reentry set for The Marvels, the sequel to Captain Marvel.

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