Ms. Marvel Set Photos Reveal Kamala Khan's Full Costume

One of the more anticipated hero debuts coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Kamala Khan, [...]

One of the more anticipated hero debuts coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, who will be brought to life by Iman Vellani. Fans have received a few welcome glimpses of the show thanks to set photos from filming, including some images that showed Vellani will have a Captain Marvel costume at some point during the show, which makes sense since Khan is such a huge fan of the Boss of Space. We have not seen Vellani's actual Ms. Marvel costume to this point however, as in previous photos it was blacked out, though new set photos finally give us our first look at the suit, and it's amazing.

Just Jared has shown off some new set photos that show Vellani in full costume, and fans of the Ms. Marvel books are going to absolutely love the suit. The red and blue color scheme is intact, and the overall design is pretty comic book accurate, complete with the symbol down the middle and the red sleeves and pants.

The sash is also accounted for as is the mask, and the only change is actually perfectly in keeping with the character, as instead of superhero boots Khan is sporting red sneakers.

You can see a few changes on the sides of the suit and the shoulders, but overall this is spot-on, and we cannot wait to see the suit in better images to really capture all the colors and design flourishes.

For those unfamiliar, Ms. Marvel is the story of Kamala Khan, a Muslim teenager who is arguably Captain Marvel's biggest fan and eventually becomes a hero herself after her Inhuman powers give her the ability to shapeshift. She can grow to massive size and also manipulate her arms and legs into different sizes independent of her overall size, which leads her to create her Embiggen catchphrase.

We already know that Khan will be interacting with Captain Marvel in the upcoming sequel as well as Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris), and we cannot wait to see her make her MCU debut.

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