Nathan Fillion on If He'd Rather Be Wonder Man or Booster Gold First

Nathan Fillion, best known for TV roles on series like Firefly and Castle, is still interested in tackling a superhero role -- and during a conversation at Comic Con last weekend,'s Brandon Davis teased a little more than usual out of the fan-favorite actor.

During the course of a talk about his recent Uncharted fan film, Davis asked whether Fillion woiuld be up for a go-'round, either as Wonder Man (a character he technically played in deleted material from Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2) or as Booster Gold (a character he has repeatedly expressed interest in).

“That’s a question for guys in charge of that stuff,” Fillion admitted. If it were up to me, I’d have already done it.”

When pressed for details, and a preference, Fillion said, “I think Booster Gold’s an amazing character that would be a lot of fun to play, but right now, Marvel has its finger on the pulse of what a great superhero movie is. I think they’re handling the properties really, really well.”

In Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, Fillion played Simon Williams, an actor-turned-superhero known as Wonder Man (no relation to Wonder Woman). In Guardians 2, Williams appeared only as an actor, never as a costumed hero, and even the movie posters were lost in editing.

Fillion has never -- as far as we know -- been discussed as taking on the role of Michael Jon Carter, the futuristic superhero known as Booster Gold. He has lobbied for the job at convention panels and in interviews, though, and some of those lined up nicely with a period where the Booster Gold movie was understood to be in active development. The last time anybody checked with filmmaker Greg Berlanti, that movie was still technically happening, although there has been no real movement on it in quite some time.


During an interview with, Fillion's longtime friend and Firefly and Con Man co-star, Alan Tudyk, once said that he would play Blue Beetle alongside Fillion's Booster if the opportunity arose.

Of course, Fillion came to Guardians in large part becuase of his friendship with director James Gunn, who was recently fired from the forthcoming third film. Members of the film's cast have been vocally supportive of Gunn on social media, and it is not clear whether Gunn's friends and collaborators would be eager to get on board a Guardians film without him. Fillion's interview with took place prior to Gunn's firing.