Another 'Black Panther' Suit Spotted In International Trailer

Now that the premiere of Thor: Ragnarok has come and passed, it’s about time to look forward to [...]

Now that the premiere of Thor: Ragnarok has come and passed, it's about time to look forward to Black Panther, the movie next up on Marvel Studios' ever-growing slate of comic properties.

Earlier this summer we got to travel into the Marvel Cinematic Universe's live action version of Wakanda for the first time as Marvel Studios released the first teaser for the Ryan Coogler-helmed project. Then, just a few weeks ago, we got additional footage with the first official trailer.

Now, because of a trailer released to international audiences, we could have a look at a new suit to makes its debut in Black Panther, thanks to fresh new footage.

Another black panther suit seen in the new international trailer from marvelstudios

While we've seen T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) talking with his sister Shuri (Letitia Wright) in a control room of sorts, we now get a better look at what the pair is looking at.

We see three mannequins holding three different suits — two of them appearing to be the traditional Black Panther garb while the third is a little more indistinguishable.

A Black Panther suit is front and center and we see it nearly in its complete entirety, and we can tell it's different than the one T'Challa wore in Captain America: Civil War. His Civil War suit had a silver necklace — for lack of a better term — while this suit has a black necklace that blends in with the suit. This suit also features less metallic highlights.

We see the arm and shoulder of another Black Panther suit, which we'll assume is what he wore in the events of Civil War, which takes to the third mannequin.

That brings us to the third mannequin, which can go one of two routes. In the official trailer that dropped, we saw T'Challa's nemesis Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) don a suit awfully similar to the Black Panther, except Killmonger's suit had a golden necklace.

In fact, in some of the merchandising for the movie, Killmonger's been referenced to as Golden Jaguar. At this point, that could be the most popular theory for the suit — even more so after we saw the movie is borrowing some tech from Ta-Nehisi Coates and Brian Steelfreeze's recent run of the comic book that allows T'Challa to transform into his suit while moving. Tech that's similar to how Tony Stark has put on his Iron Man armor in various instances throughout the MCU. You know, that way they don't have to pull a Spider-Man and find an alley to change in.

But what if it isn't Killmonger's medallion that transforms into the Golden Jaguar armor? The mannequin can be seen with some white coverings, and it's not entirely clear whether or not this is part of the mannequin itself or white armor of some sort. After all, it's just as tight and form-fitting as the Black Panther get up is.

If It's not the Golden Jaguar armor, one would think that it's the armor for a supporting character from the Black Panther mythos such as the White Wolf or a suite of the Hatut Zeraze, the secret police of Wakanda.

No matter how this mysterious armor ends up, the hype for Black Panther is real. T'Challa & Co. hit the silver screen in Black Panther on February 16, 2018.