Iron Fist: Finn Jones Says His Costume Won't Be Shown For A Long Time

Binge watchers across the world rejoiced over the weekend as the first season of Iron Fist debuted on Netflix. The first season, or thirteen episodes worth, saw Danny Rand make his return to New York City and fight to regain control of the billion-dollar enterprise he serves as the rightful heir of.

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The biggest omission from the show, and one that was much talked about leading up to the debut of Iron Fist, was the lack of any traditional costume for the show's lead character. And now, according to actor Finn Jones in a recent interview with TV Guide, it could be quite a while until we see anything that resembles the classic green and gold Iron Fist costume.

"The first couple of episodes you see Danny kind of awkwardly fitting into suits. He's not used to this. He's in a suit and it doesn't feel right. Then he's in regular clothes and it still doesn't feel right. He's trying to find his identity," explained Jones, who plays the titular character in Iron Fist. "Eventually throughout the series he kind of claims some kind of identity through his clothes -- but we've got a couple more seasons to go before we get to that point."

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