Stan Lee's 'Ralph Breaks the Internet' Cameo Revealed

In addition to helping create some of the most popular comic book characters in the world, Stan [...]

In addition to helping create some of the most popular comic book characters in the world, Stan Lee became known over the course of his career as a master of cameos. Beyond just Marvel movies, Lee had a knack for appearing at just the right time in all sorts of different movies, and was immediately recognized by the audience. That trend continues this week with the release of Disney's Wreck-It Ralph sequel, Ralph Breaks the Internet.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Ralph Breaks the Internet! Continue reading at your own risk...

Leading up to the release of Ralph Breaks the Internet, it was revealed that Vanellope would find her way into the website, where she would have an encounter with the Disney Princesses. Well, since Disney's empire contains much more than princesses, the scene in the film features appearances from characters of multiple Disney-owned franchises, including Star Wars and Marvel. It's in this scene that a cartoon version of Lee appears.

While Vanellope is weaving her way behind the scenes of a show that's taking place, she brushes past a man that looks sort of familiar. As he turns to face the camera, there's no mistaking the silver hair and glasses of Stan Lee.

This cameo marks the second animated cameo Lee has made in theaters this year. The Marvel creator appears multiple times in an ongoing gag in DC's Teen Titans GO! to the Movies, which was released over the summer.

Lee was one of many Marvel cameos in Ralph Breaks the Internet, a movie that has no shortage of fun Easter eggs to find. When it came to getting approval from Marvel to include the various characters, as well as Lee's likeness, producer Clark Spencer told that the studio was all about it.

"Yeah the guys at Marvel, I think we did the same thing in the first film where as long as we went to people and said 'This is what the intent is and here's how it sits in the body of the film we want to work with you so you're getting to look at every aspect of what we're going to be doing," Spencer said. "You can see the pages and animation coming through so we're being true to your character because you created them.' Then people are all willing to come in and do them, they would, of course as you're developing it they might say 'Well a little bit more in this direction or that direction.' In terms of whatever a character might say or be doing. Or the way they would act in terms of choices they make in terms of voice recording that you're using for them."

Ralph Breaks the Internet is now playing in theaters.