Robert Downey Jr. Shares New 'Avengers 4' Set Image

Robert Downey Jr. just shared a new image from Avengers 4, and it will definitely have you [...]

Robert Downey Jr. just shared a new image from Avengers 4, and it will definitely have you scratching your head.

Filming is currently taking place on Avengers 4, but Robert Downey Jr. decided to take a quick break and share a new photo with the fans. He did so with the text "caption this!", and your guess is as good as our as to what's going on in the photo.

Iron Man can be seen in a SHIELD suit staring up at the sky, while Mark Ruffalo's Hulk is being yelled at by Chris Evans in his classic Captain America suit. Paul Rudd's Ant-Man is standing next to them taking it all in and laughing, and they are surrounded by the crew and a random debris and turned over cars.

This seems to be an in-between scenes thing, as everyone looks to be having a fun time. You can judge it for yourself in the photo above.

There is a genuine question though regarding those old costumes, suits that have been seen in a number of previous set photos. Perhaps it has to do with the B.A.R.F technology that Tony created or some reality or time warping caused by the Infinity Stones. In any case, we can't wait to find out more.

Filming these movies back to back has been a lengthy but rewarding experience for the cast, including Chris Evans.

"That was the best part of this movie, is that you really kind of, it really was for the first time for me feeling like... the first few movies it's almost like it's happening to somebody else." Evans said. "You kind of feel like you're watching it happen, but you're not actually a part of it. This was kind of the first movie where you actually felt like you had a seat at the table and you belonged and it was so nice to have all these other franchises that you've watched and admired come to a set where you're like oh man, I belong here, and all these great people are part of a movie that we're all doing together, and it was just wonderful because all of those franchises, well, let's be honest. Marvel doesn't miss. They haven't missed yet. They're batting a thousand."

Avengers 4 lands in theaters on May 3, 2019.