How Much Money Robert Downey Jr. Made for 'Spider-Man: Homcoming' Revealed

While Spider-Man: Homecoming was supposed to be about Peter Parker making his mark on the Marvel [...]

While Spider-Man: Homecoming was supposed to be about Peter Parker making his mark on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, star Tom Holland wasn't the actor who walked away with the massive paycheck.

As you could probably guess, Robert Downey Jr. made a ton of money to reprise his role as Tony Stark/Iron Man in the film.

This morning, Variety released a list of A-list actors' salaries from various films they've done over the years, or movies they've signed on to film in the future. The list included Downey Jr., who made $10 million for his work in Homecoming.

The godfather of the Marvel Cinematic Universe getting $10 million isn't all that surprising. What's really shocking about the paycheck is how much the actor was paid for such a small amount of screen time.

Spider-Man: Homecoming runs for a total of two hours and 13 minutes, or 133 minutes. Robert Downey Jr. was on screen for less than eight minutes, about six percent of the entire movie.

So, Downey was paid more than one million dollars per minute of screen time in Spider-Man: Homecoming. That must be a pretty sweet deal.

To put things in perspective, let's look at some other actors on the list who were actually the stars of their films. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard made $10M and $8M for Jurassic World, respectively. Tom Hardy has a salary of $7M for his role in the upcoming Venom movie, where he plays Eddie Brock, a.k.a. Venom. The title star of a Marvel film will make $3M less than Downey made to reprise a role for eight minutes.

Let that one sink in for a minute.

Do you think Robert Downey Jr. was paid way too much for his role in Spider-Man: Homecoming? How much do you think the other actors in the film made? Let us know what you think by dropping a line in the comments below!

Both Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland reprise their roles as Iron Man and Spider-Man in Avengers: Infinity War, which is currently playing in theaters around the world.