Robert Downey Jr. Trolls Fans With Funny Spider-Man: Homecoming Tease

Robert Downey Troll

When Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark met Marisa Tomei's Aunt May in Captain America: Civil War, I can reasonably assume that some fans saw some potential in the pairing.

Downey Jr. decided to throw out the subtlety, however, and posted a photoshopped image of him and Aunt May getting to know each other far better than Civil War let on, with the caption "Auntie May I?"

That, or he's just having some fun with it, which is probably more likely. You never know, though, Aunt May is considerably younger in this film, and as for Stark, Civil War does reveal that he and Pepper are taking a break at the moment. The picture he used is actually from Amazing Spider-Man #592 when Peter walked in on Aunt May sharing some private time with J. Jonah Jameson Sr.

This is a lesson many can learn from. Make sure to always lock your bedroom door. Just saying.

In any case, Spider-Man: Homecoming has leaped ahead in many fans "most anticipated" lists, and will feature Tom Holland reprising the role after his breakout performance in Civil War. In addition to Tomei and Downey Jr., the film will feature Zendaya (Michelle) and Michael Keaton reportedly, but as to who he is playing we aren't yet sure. It is also rumored that the Vulture will be a main villain of the project.


Spider-Man: Homecoming launches into theatres on July 7, 2017.