'Runaways' Actor Wants Her Character to Die On the Series

With Hulu's first foray into the Marvel universe, the streaming platform adapted one of the most [...]

With Hulu's first foray into the Marvel universe, the streaming platform adapted one of the most beloved comic books in the publisher's history. And even though Marvel's Runaways had some major deviations from the original series, it was still faithful to the source material.

Two actors from the series were asked what storylines they'd like to see in the recently announced second season, and both were surprisingly faithful to the comics. Especially Gert Yorkes actor Ariela Barer, who surprisingly wants to her character to die.

During a Tumblr "Answer Time" session with co-star Virginia Gardner, Barer wrote what comics storylines she wants to see in Runaways Season 2.

"Xavin and Victor!!! OR Gert dying as long as I can come back to life like she does in the comics. That plot line is so beautiful and an amazing exploration of Gert and Chase's relationship."

It's not to often that you see an actor say they want to see their character die on a series, though she did add the caveat of resurrection in there.

In the comics, Gert actually dies twice. Once, a future version comes to the present and is killed, and the second time, Gert gets stabbed while rescuing Chase. She then uses her dying breath to transfer the telepathic bond with Old Lace to Chase, leaving him as the dinosaur's caretaker.

Gert stayed dead for years, and only recently returned in the latest series currently being published, though a return had been teased in other issues.

Gardner, who plays Karolina Dean on the series, also teased a storyline she wants to see:

"Xavin!!! I hope we get to see some of that character next season."

Xavin is a gender-fluid Super-Skrull in training, the child of royalty who was put in an arranged engagement with Karolina. Though they have not been seen in the comics for quite some time, the character factored heavily into the Runaways' story.

It remains to be seen if any of these plots, or even the story of Ultron's son Victor Mancha, will be seen in Runaways Season 2.

The first season of Runaways is now streaming on Hulu.