Russo Brothers Reveal How Much Of Captain America: Civil War Was Cut

Captain America: Civil War is the biggest Marvel movie, and possibly comic book movie, of all [...]

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Captain America: Civil War is the biggest Marvel movie, and possibly comic book movie, of all time. In its two hour and twenty eight minute run time, new characters are introduced, old friends do battle, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe is left drastically changed forever.

The movie was almost a little bit bigger, too.

On top of edits to the script which cut The Wasp out of the gigantic airport battle scene, there were a few scenes that were shot during production but ultimately cut from the movie..

"We work very well with our writers Markus and McFeely, the writers," Anthony Russo tells "We work very hard with them on the script before we shoot. That time on set is so precious. It kills us to shoot anything that's not gonna end up in the movie so we try to have a very, very, very tight script going into the film and so there is a couple things but they're not big things."

"The first cut of the movie was about two hours and forty one minutes and this new cut is two hours and twenty eight minutes," Joe Russo chimed in. "So, not much was cut out of the film."

While a couple of the scenes were so forgettable that Joe Russo couldn't even recall them, he remembered one in particular. His description does, however, contain very mild spoilers for Captain America: Civil War, so heads up before proceeding.

"There was a scene between Natasha and T'Challa at the German Ops Center, halfway through the movie when he was sitting in that room," Joe Russo explains. "Cap and Falcon had been isolated in the other conference room. We didn't feel like it was moving the story telling forward and they had already had a scene so it felt repetitive so it was something we excised from the movie."

"It was a very short scene," Anthony Russo added.

The scenes that did make the cut of Captain America: Civil War will be in theaters May 6, 2016.