Ryan Reynolds Hilariously Inserts Himself Into Hugh Jackman Photo

Another day, another fun online interaction between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. The actors' feud/friendship continues to rage on with flashes of love (Reynolds recently did the voiceover in a commercial for Jackman's Laughing Man coffee) to some hilarious trash talk (Jackman recently joked that he's unsure how Reynold's wife, Blake Lively, puts up with him). Their latest fun encounter happened on Instagram after Jackman posted a photo of himself in New York. Reynolds inserted his own face onto a billboard in the background, and it's delightful.

“I love New York. 😷,” Jackman posted. Reynolds made the alteration on his Instagram stories and Jackman followed with a reply. You can check out the original post and screenshots of the stories below:

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I love New York. 😷

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Jackman and Ryan Reynolds recently amused their fans by calling a temporary truce in their long-running "feud." They did it for a good cause, supporting the All-In Challenge during the pandemic, though Jackman says his and Reynolds rivalry is far from over.

Jackman recently claimed a previous truce lasted a whole year, but we’re inclined to disagree with that fact. Since the supposed truce, Jackman has done everything from “accidentally” leak a video of himself talking negatively about Reynolds to making fun of him during last year’s Sexiest Man Alive announcement, and asking the Internet chose between them in a “who wore it best” photo.


Recently, Reynolds made headlines when he announced the launch of The Group Effort Initiative, a new diversity and inclusion program that aims to develop talent from underrepresented groups in Hollywood. The program, run through his production banner Maximum Effort, plans to bring 10 to 20 trainees who are people of color or who are from marginalized communities regardless of age. Reynolds will pay to house and train them for his next feature film, giving them real-life film experience. The money to do it will come out of Reynolds' personal salary, and the idea will be to keep the trainees on set so that they can learn by doing.

Do you think the fun between Jackman and Reynolds will ever stop? Are you hoping it will finally lead to a Wolverine cameo in Deadpool 3? Tell us in the comments!