Ryan Reynolds Makes Jokes as He Narrates New Hugh Jackman Coffee Commercial

The ongoing rivalry/best friendship between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds has shown no signs of [...]

The ongoing rivalry/best friendship between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds has shown no signs of slowing down, or backing away from the spotlight. In addition to their personal jokes, the two friends have started involving the companies they own into their social media scuffles, which has been looking more and more like a genius business move as of late. This week, it's Jackman's Laughing Man Coffee that sees the duo working together again.

Jackman released a new commercial for Laughing Man Coffee on social media Tuesday morning, and it features a hilarious voiceover from Reynolds. The longtime Wovlerine star is seen at the beginning of the commercial throwing his alarm clock across the room, kicking off the joke that he's not a very fun person to be around until he's had his coffee. You can watch the commercial in its entirety below.

"This is Hugh Jackman," Reynolds says in the commercial. "Noted humanitarian, goodwill ambassador, eternal optimist, and founder of Laughing Man Coffee, the coffee company that donates 100% of Hugh's profits to fair-trade farmers and brews the exceptional flavor that Is 100% responsible for the Hugh Jackman we all know and love. There he is."

The Reynolds/Jackman "feud" has been going on for years, and fans have certainly embraced the goofy nature of their back-and-forth. A lot of those moments have even come when one of the two are celebrating an important achievement, like Jackman being handed Order of Australia honor last year.

"Receiving the Order of Australia is a HUGE deal," Reynolds wrote after Jackman received the award. "And despite what I tell anyone who'll listen, Hugh Jackman is one of the finest, kindest, hardest working, generous and most talented people I've had the privilege to call my friend. There's nobody better. None of this changes the fact he's a complete bastard."

If we let them, these two will continue their silly fights until the end of time. Spoiler alert: We will.