Ryan Reynolds Trolls Hugh Jackman on Best Friends Day

Today is “National Best Friends Day” in the United States and Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds [...]

Today is "National Best Friends Day" in the United States and Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds decided to use it as an opportunity to troll X-Men movies star Hugh Jackman. Reynolds took to Instagram to post a photo of himself with Jackman. However, the text of the update reads, "Happy Best Friends Day to Jake Gyllenhaal! (Not pictured)." You can take a look below.

In reality, Reynolds and Jackman are close friends. Close enough that Reynolds took home the Logan music box that appeared in Deadpool 2. "I left set that day with the Logan music box," Reynolds revealed on the film's commentary track, "I stole it. I'm just letting you know."

Deadpool and Deadpool 2 had a few meta-jokes concerning Jackman's time playing Wolverine, which ended with 2017's Logan. In an interview, Reynolds said he made sure keep Jackman in the loop about the jokes. Mostly.

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Happy #BestFriendsDay to Jake Gyllenhaal! (Not pictured)

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"Hugh is one of my closest friends, and I would never want to do anything to put him in an awkward position or something that he wouldn't be proud of," Reynolds said during an interview. "The only thing that was a surprise to him was the Logan music box in the beginning of the movie. That is something I felt like I could take some creative license with. I still feel like I need to give him that music box, because it is rightfully his, not mine."

Reynolds was campaigning to have Jackman appear in the X-Force movie, though not necessarily as Wolverine. "I'm just going to double-down on Hugh Jackman," Reynolds said. "But not as Logan. Just as Hugh Jackman."

The X-Force movie is now off the table after Disney's purchase of 20th Century Fox, which returned control of the X-Men film rights to Marvel's parent company. Dark Phoenix is expected to be the final installment of the core X-Men movies series. New Mutants will debut in theaters in 2020. X-Force, the Multiple Man movie, Gambit, and all other projects that hadn't begun filming were scrapped. The Deadpool film series is expected to continue in some manner, but how it will exist in relation to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and without the larger context of the X-Men movies remains unclear.

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Logan, Deadpool and Deadpool 2 are all now available on home media. Dark Phoenix is now playing in theaters.