Ryan Reynolds And Will Ferrell To Star In A Christmas Carol Musical Reimagining

A busy year for Ryan Reynolds gets even busier with news that he and Will Ferrell will be [...]

A busy year for Ryan Reynolds gets even busier with news that he and Will Ferrell will be spreading some holiday cheer together. The two actors are going to be developing a musical project based on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol according to a report by The Hollywood Reporter. Knowing these two actors, it is a safe bet that there will be laughs to spare whenever this hits the screen.

Sean Anders and John Morris, known for the Daddy's Home films, are abord to write and direct the project. This musical will be produced by Ferrell's Gloria Sanchez, Reynolds' Maximum Effort and Mosaic. Reynolds and Ferrell will each have starring roles, but details on specific roles and story are being kept under wraps at the time of writing. Now the duo are shopping the project around at different studios hoping for some pickup before sweater weather really starts to set in.

Charles Dickens' beloved story is nothing new for the entertainment industry as numerous shows have had outright homages to the tale or even episodes riffing on the concept. Jim Carrey played Scrooge on film back in 2009's ill-received version of the Dickens classic. Hopefully, the two funnymen can get a good concept to adapt around the narrative because it doesn't seem like direct versions of the story play very well on their own with audiences lately.

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw presented a surprise appearance for Reynolds and he figures to stay busy with Michael Bay's Netflix feature 6 Underground, The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard and Shawn Levy's Free Guy all coming down the pipe. Ferrell hasn't exactly been chilling either with The Lego Movie Sequel this year and Downhill rolling this way shortly.

One place that it is never hard to find Reynold is social media. Whether he's hawking his gin or having fun at his wife's expense, the star is always having a good time with it. Recently, the Deadpool star showed off that trademark sense of humor when a fan asked if he should show his four-year-old the bawdy superhero film. Reynolds decided to share a bit of a controversial solution to that problem. He proposed to show the kid Sam Rami's first Spider-Man film and just say that it is Deadpool. A hilarious suggestion because the two characters look so similar, but still hard to do because it really is a whopper to tell a small child. Although, there aren't a ton of other ways to get around that particular issue.

Reynolds might also be the king of the social media bromance as he's traded lighthearted jabs with The Rock, Hugh Jackman, and Jake Gyllenhaal. If this new project makes use of that well-tuned funny bone, then he should be fine!