Thor: Ragnarok Model Provides New Look At Sakaar

As we inch closer and closer to November, more information surrounding Thor: Ragnarok finds its [...]

As we inch closer and closer to November, more information surrounding Thor: Ragnarok finds its way out to the public. We got our first look at Taiki Waititi's take on the third installment in the Thor franchise in a teaser trailer earlier this Spring and the footage showed a world full of vivid colors and tones.

Now that Marvel's Gallery of Modern Art opened in Australia, we've gotten a glimpse at the exhibits in the gallery, some of which just so happen to show details from Ragnarok.

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Earlier this week, we shared pictures of Hulk's sleeping quarters while he's stuck on the alien planet Sakaar and now thanks to the MCU News & Tweets Twitter feed, we've gotten a look at a miniature model of the planet itself.

Although quite the small-scale version of the city, we're still treated to the vivid blues, greens, and reds we saw in the trailer. In addition to the primary city — which just so happens to look like it's placed upon a mountain range of sorts — we see a glimpse of the arena where Thor and the Hulk are slated to meet in their gladiator battle.

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Thor Ragnarok Trailer

Thor's world is about to explode in Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok. His devious brother, Loki, has taken over Asgard, the powerful Hela has emerged to steal the throne for herself and Thor is imprisoned on the other side of the universe. To escape captivity and save his home from imminent destruction, Thor must first win a deadly alien contest by defeating his former ally and fellow Avengers... The Incredible Hulk!

The cast features Chris Hemsworth in the title role for the fifth time; Tom Hiddleston as Thor's adversarial, adopted brother, Loki; Idris Elba as the Asgardian sentry, Heimdall; Sir Anthony Hopkins again portraying Odin, Ruler of Asgard; Mark Ruffalo reprising his role of Bruce Banner/the Hulk; Cate Blanchett as the mysterious and powerful new villain Hela; Jeff Goldblum as the eccentric Grandmaster; Tessa Thompson bring the classic hero Valkyrie to life on the big screen; and Karl Urban will add his might to the fray as Skurge.

Thor: Ragnarok is directed by Taika Waititi, written by Craig Kyle, and will open in theaters November 3, 2017.

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