The Inhumans: Serinda Swan Defends Medusa's CGI Wig

As the IMAX debut of Marvel's The Inhumans gets closer, the quality of the latest offering from Marvel Television has been facing questions from all sides. One target of concern has been Medusa's hair, and now star Serinda Swan is speaking out.

At Sunday's Television Critics Association press tour, Swan fired back at those who have questioned and even mocked her character's hair and went so far as to hail the wig as a technical achievement.

"It's never been done before. So, there's going to be issues and there's going to be issues and there's going to be trials and tribulations," Swan said. "The CGI ... there was software that had to be built for it."

In the comics, Medusa's hair is a mighty force. After undergoing Terrigenesis, the queen of the Inhumans was left with long, red prehensile hair that she can control down to the individual strand with only her thoughts. When the first promotional photos were revealed in May, response to the flat-looking wig were largely negative, a reaction that was repeated following the first footage of the show from last month's San Diego Comic-Con.

Still, Swan defends the four-pound wig saying that even if it's not perfect, it's still a start.

"If we only did things that were perfect, we would never start," Swan said. "And so, it's a really phenomenal start."

ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey also defended the wig and added that they were still working on special effects.


"This is still a work in progress," Dungey said. "We're coming down to the wire on some of the special effects."

Marvel's The Inhumans premieres in IMAX theaters September 1st, followed by its television debut beginning September 29th on ABC.