She-Hulk Set Photo Reveals First Look at Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters

She-Hulk has started principal photography in Atlanta and now, set-tracking paparazzi have [...]

She-Hulk has started principal photography in Atlanta and now, set-tracking paparazzi have obtained the first look of Tatiana Maslany as the show's eponymous hero. Dressed in a UCLA hoodie and donning glasses, Maslany was captured on-set by set paparazzo @atlanta_filming, in a new snapshot shared Friday afternoon.

Taken through a break in the tree line, little else can be seen in the photo other than Maslany smiling at an off-camera crew member.

We don't know much about She-Hulk just quite yet, other than the fact characters like Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) and Abomination (Tim Roth) will be back. According to Kevin Feige, the series will include 10 episodes that are each 30 minutes in length.

"It's about six hours of content," the Marvel Studios boss previously said to IGN. "Sometimes that'll be six episodes, sometimes that'll be nine episodes, in the case of WandaVision. Sometimes that'll be 10 episodes. You basically have 10 half-hour episodes, which is what She-Hulk ... will be."

Last month, it was Feige who confirmed both She-Hulk and Moon Knight would start filming in the coming weeks. As the above picture shows, the time to roll cameras has arrived.

"On March 19, as you know The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be debuting," Feige explained. "June 11 will be the debut date for Loki and, of course, soon after that, we'll have our first animated series, which is What If …?. We are finishing up Ms. Marvel, and we're also shooting Hawkeye currently. In a few weeks, we start She-Hulk, and a week or so after that, we start Moon Knight in addition to our features."

Ms. Marvel is wrapping up its final scenes in Bangkok while Hawkeye star Jeremy Renner confirmed his show wrapped production this week.

She-Hulk has yet to get a release date from Disney+.

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