Morbius: Sony Claims Film Isn't in MCU Despite Tyrese's Comments

As it turns out, Morbius isn't in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — you know, just in case you [...]

As it turns out, Morbius isn't in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — you know, just in case you were still holding out hope. Morbius star Tyrese Gibson recently told's Brandon Davis the feature resides in the world crafted by Marvel Studios. The actor may have misspoken as has learned the film is, in fact, not part of the MCU. As with all of the other solo movies the studio is actively developing, Morbius resides in the Sony Universe of Marvel Characters.

Furthermore, the actor suggested the movie was being pushed back to October 2022 in an attempt to "take advantage of that Halloween energy." That also seems to be inaccurate as we've also confirmed Sony fully intends to keep Morbius in its current January 28, 2022 date.

In Gibson's interview with Davis, he was asked if Morbius was in the MCU, the actor simply replied "yes." When asked to confirm that the Avengers are in the same world as Morbius, Gibson followed up with a second "yes."

"Well, doing this movie opposite Jared Leto, man, was nerve wrecking, exciting, and inspiring," Gibson went on to say. "He's really, really interesting, this guy, to work with. [Director] Daniel Espinosa kept me nervous the whole time as well. He's a real alpha, very aggressive filmmaker. He's very honest so he'll tell you... He'll tell you, sometimes, things you don't want to hear about how to step your game up as an actor and he did it to everybody."

The actor added, "He pulled some great performances out of everybody. I don't know, man, I think a lot of people are gonna be shocked. They just pushed the movie to October because they want to take advantage of that Halloween energy. It's gonna be a long year, man, of a lot of magic happening out here."

Morbius is currently set to hit theaters on January 28, 2022.

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