Spider-Man Black & Gold Suit: No Way Home Hot Toys Unboxing

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The merch for Spider-Man: No Way Home has been subjected to an odd rollout. The film has tried to preserve secrets from fans as a means to provide an opportunity for surprises in theaters, so a lot of the villains and new Spider-Man suits have not been revealed as part of the collectible lines from various manufacturers. However, one of the best options to be coming available is the Black & Gold suit sixth scale figure by Hot Toys. It brilliantly features the inside-out version of Peter Parker's suit as seen in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Sideshow has provided ComicBook.com with an advanced sample of the figure (which has an official product page on their site) projected to ship in the first quarter of 2022 so that we can take a look at it. The video above features a full unboxing of the figure.

First things first, as with any unboxing, it starts with the box. Like many of the recently release figures based on Marvel Studios characters, the Black & Gold suit version of Spider-Man comes in a box wrapped with a slick sleeve with artwork consistent with the film's design and figure's design. Spider-Man logos, Spider-Man: No Way Home logos, and a golden electrical programming look cover the sleeve and box. When the sleeve comes off, a clear layer of plastic reveals the figure and its accessories inside.

The box can be seen below! On the left side of the photo is the front of the box, on the right side is the back!

(Photo: Brandon Davis / ComicBook.com)

Once inside, the figure is laid out in the center of its plastic packaging and it looks brilliant. The gold lines of the suit pop right off of the Spider-Man character for a unique take on the classic Marvel hero. It will certainly get an added level of appreciation from Spider-Man fans who have seen Spider-Man: No Way Home and know what this suit can do but we will save spoilers for those who watch the film (feel free to join that conversation on the Phase Zero podcast). 

What first caught my eye when opening up the box, after I finished admiring the suit and figure itself, was the amount of accessories with it. Other Spider-Man figures from Hot Toys include similar accessories, like the various webs, hands, and interchangeable eyes. This figure has the added bonus of the piece of the suit Doctor Strange creates in Spider-Man: No Way Home and the magical elements that glow from Spidey's chest, arm, and special new magical web shooter. It's the only Spider-Man figure to offer such accessories. Check out the packaging of the figure and its accessories below.

(Photo: Brandon Davis / ComicBook.com)

When you take thee accessories out of the box, that's when the amount becomes impressive. The alternate eye pieces allow you to give the Spider-Man suit a bit more personality and expression as you see fit. The eight alternate hands (four pairs, in addition to the openly posed hands to come attached to the figure) really give you a nice opportunity for new poses and constantly moving your figure around when its on display to keep it fresh. The base plate has a nice design, consistent with the packaging as it features the movie's logo, the gold Spider-logo, and "Black & Gold Suit" written on its front. All nice touches and no details skipped on the accessory front, except for the iPhone being taped to Spider-Man's chest for a part of when he wears this suit in the film.

(Photo: Brandon Davis / ComicBook.com)

The posing of the figure lends itself to being quite a bit of fun to get on the shelf. The points of articulation make it easy to move th figure as you see fit, with landing on a pose that looks realistic as the challenge in itself for the poser rather than the figure. The neckk and head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, core, hips, knees, and ankles all have great movement and get Peter Parker into whatever position you want to have displayed. There's really not much to criticize about this figure. It looks great, feels great, and poses really nicely.

Below is a photo of the figure with a head sculpt of Tom Holland's Peter Parker attached to the suit. One of the accessories shown above allows the Spider-Man mask to be held in one of the alternate hands when this head is attached. The hands also have a piece which can be replaced with a web-shooter attachment, complete with a small and fine hole for the webs to attach to. The webs sit firmly in the shooter and don't have any issue with falling out, even with the additional magic attachments adding weight. The chest has a magnetic attachment for a Spider-design of Doctor Strange's magic to attach and stay right where it belongs.

(Photo: Brandon Davis / ComicBook.com)

It's hard to find criticisms for this figure. It's price tag feels fair for the tremendous quality of the figure (which includes fine details down to blue electrical dots on the mask and suit and a texture that makes it feel very authentic). The timing of the Hot Toys figure coming available lines up really nicely with the excitement of Spider-Man: No Way Home and the holiday season. It is nicely customizable and poses well, looks great, and represents one on Peter's suits from the biggest movie of the year and biggest Spider-Man movie of all-time. 

It does lack a bit of the more specific and tiny details like wires which were seen hanging off of the suit at times and the aforementioned iPhone taped onto Peter's chest but with how well-made the rest of the figure is, those details feel like they would have been a nice extra touch but the figure doesn't suffer from not having them. It is overall a brilliant figure which is well-made and available very quickly, which may be why some of those extreme details are not featured.

(Photo: Brandon Davis / ComicBook.com)

The figure is available for pre-order now on Sideshow's site for $270 and is expected to ship between January and March of 2022. All things considered, this is a great value for a figure of this immense quality and the hype for Spider-Man: No Way Home is still at an all-time high which makes getting your hands on such a product in such a timely fashion that much more exciting.