Spider-Man: Far From Home Director Sets Record Straight on Gwen Stacy, Captain Britain, and Sinister Six Rumors

The past decade has been a confusing time for Spider-Man fans, as we were delivered two [...]

The past decade has been a confusing time for Spider-Man fans, as we were delivered two disappointing Amazing Spider-Man films before Sony and Marvel Studios reached an agreement allowing Peter Parker to join the proper Marvel Cinematic Universe with Captain America: Civil War. Between Spider-Man: Homecoming and last year's Venom, fans are still curious about what the future could hold for the Wall-Crawler, as the possibilities of what characters could appear in what films is murky territory. With Spider-Man: Far From Home landing in theaters next week, director Jon Watts addressed rumors about Spider-Man staples and their possible appearances in this sequel.

Homecoming subtly introduced Peter Parker's iconic love interest MJ with the reveal that Zendaya's character, who referred to as "Michelle," actually preferred the nickname "MJ," leading audiences to wonder if another Parker love interest, Gwen Stacy, could be passively introduced in the new film. Despite the fact that "leaked" audition tapes emerged online for the role, Watts confirmed with Comic Book Movie that he had "no idea" what those tapes were about and Gwen Stacy was never planned for the narrative.

As iconic as MJ and Gwen Stacy are to Parker's love life, Norman Osborn is equally as integral to the character as a villain.

"We never talked about that for this film," Watts admitted. "It's just a question of what is the best idea for the story we are telling. Hopefully, the best idea always wins but what's exciting about working with Marvel is that you feel like every idea is always on the table."

Osborn previously appeared in both the Sam Raimi and Marc Webb Spider-Man films, with reports claiming that the events of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 would be setting the stage for a Sinister Six spinoff. Between the success of Venom and excitement over the upcoming Morbius film, the live-action exploration of ancillary Spider-Man characters could still see a Sinister Six movie come together.

With the events of Far From Home taking Peter Parker to Europe, Watts also addressed the potential for Captain Britain to appear.

"We talked about ways...if we could have come up with a clever way of incorporating Captain Britain, I think we would have," Watts admitted. "There was never really anything that stood out that didn't seem like a shoehorned in reference."

Check out Spider-Man: Far From Home when it lands in theaters on July 2nd.

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