Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse 2 Tease Coming Soon

Fans can apparently look forward to a preview of the second Into the Spider-Verse animated film soon, according to executive producer Amy Pascal. The follow-up to Sony's Academy Award-winning Marvel Comics adaptation is set for release in October 2022, and so far, all fans have seen is a series of social media teases that feature various different spider-logos. It isn't clear yet whether the movie will pick up where the post-credits scene from the first one left off, introducing Miguel O'Hara from Spider-Man 2099, or whether that was just an Easter egg for fans and not meant to tee up a sequel.

Pascal had nothing specific to say about the sequel, other than that she thinks it will be "fantastic." Still, she promised fans in a recent interview that there would be something coming soon.

"It's going to be fantastic," Pascal told Fandango. "We have something to show on that very soon."

So far, the project has been fairly shrouded in mystery -- which is more or less how the first one went until we started getting promotional material. For quite a while, there was debate and speculation as to which Spider-Man would even be the main character.

"When I approached Chris and Phil about doing the Spider-Verse movies when I was still running Sony, I said, 'Can you guys figure out how to do an animated Spider-Man movie?'" Pascal recalled. "And the first thing they said to me was, 'Absolutely, if we do Spider-Verse and we do Miles.' And I'm like, 'Right on.' Because of course, it is in the comics, but nobody could have done it better than them."

Miles Morales co-creator Brian Bendis wouldn't take umbrage at that characterization; he had nothing but nice things to say about Into the Spider-Verse when we spoke to him about it in 2019.

"Sometimes, projects surprise you -- and the first Spider Men mini-series really surprised us," Bendis said. "It got real emotional, like we were going through some stuff. It was just like, 'wow, this is really getting deep. The characters are literally forcing the story into an emotional place.' So, I think it's that stuff that really inspired all of us from the get go. But that was just the story of Peter and Miles. So, then discovering Dan's off in Spider-verse, oh there's your event. Then you get to the movies and I must say that when you're surprised by the emotions of your work, and then years later another filmmaker attaches themselves to that emotion because they feel it too -- it feels like an our success from their ability to grow that feeling, to make it better, to make it more universal, it's a very unique experience, and one I'm clearly having a hard time articulating. It's a unique storytelling experience."

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 (working title) is expected in theaters in October 2022. Keep your eyes on ComicBook for updates.