'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' Producer Shows off the Film's Golden Globe

Get ready to chow down on your favorite Greek food, because Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is celebrating a pretty major win at the Golden Globes.

Producer Chris Miller recently shared several photos from Spider-Verse's time at the Golden Globes, including the award that the film won for Best Animated Feature. One photo shows the trophy engraved with the film's name, while the other shows the film's team posing together.

Spider-Verse has received an overwhelmingly positive response since it debuted in theaters last month, with both critics and fans alike being fond of the film's unique take on the Marvel universe. As Miller and producer and co-writer Phil Lord told ComicBook.com last year, the film benefitted from having a trio of directors - Bob Perischetti, Peter Ramsey, and Rodney Rothman - on board.

"Often it can be if people are trying to make a different movie, right?" Miller explained. "This is a situation where the movie was so ambitious, it was trying to do so many groundbreaking things in its visual style, in its storytelling style, in its cinematic style. Everything about it ... The sound mix was probably going to be groundbreaking, so it required a lot of work. Every version of these movies is a collaboration of hundreds of filmmakers working together, and in the best versions people are contributing their creative ideas, and the people, the directors, and the producers are the ones that get to decide which of the things fit the road that you're going down."

"Each of those guys had their own superpower," Lord said. "I think it's our preferred way to make movies is to bring a lot of talented people together and collaborate. It's the most fun. You learn the most, and I think you get the best work."

"It wasn't always easy because obviously with a bunch of opinionated, creative people, there's going to be moments where you're like, 'Well, I think it should be this way to solve this thing that we're trying to do,'" Miller added. "But it was a slow and sometimes painful process, but ultimately the best idea would win, and we were able to make something that we all knew was something special."


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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is in theaters now.