Spider-Man Spinoff 'Sinister Six' Could Still See The Light Of Day

Sony Pictures has had big plans for their own cinematic corner of the Marvel Universe, planning a [...]

Sony Pictures has had big plans for their own cinematic corner of the Marvel Universe, planning a series of villain-centric spinoff movies after Andrew Garfield's Amazing Spider-Man 2. But plans for the Sinister Six film fell apart, and the Wall Crawler eventually joined the proper Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But after the success of Venom, Sony Pictures is looking at more options for expanding their series of Spidey spinoffs, including films based on Morbius the Living Vampire and Kraven the Hunter. And it sounds like the Sinister Six movie isn't entirely off the table.

While speaking with the Hollywood Reporter about his new film Bad Times at the El Royale, writer and director Drew Goddard revealed it could happen in the future.

"It was really fun [developing Sinister Six]. I wouldn't have done it had I not thought there was a real opportunity to do something different and exciting and just flat-out bananas," Goddard said. "It was very much me and — a much more commercial version of — the Cabin [in the Woods] mentality. The punk rock mentality that led to Cabin is very much at the core of Sinister Six. That's a fun one. Who knows, it could see the light of day. It's funny, I've been through a lot of volatility at a lot of different studios. Between MGM and Sony and Fox. At a certain point, you start to realize, 'Oh, this is just a volatile business' and you try to stay afloat as the boat rocks back and forth."

That's not the only superhero movie on Goddard's plate, as he's also currently slated to begin working on the X-Force movie once he's done focusing on Bad Times at the El Royale. That movie could be disrupted by Marvel Studios plans for the X-Men franchise once Disney's purchase of 20th Century Fox goes through, but Goddard recognizes that Deadpool could survive any potential reboot with Ryan Reynolds intact.

"What's great about Deadpool is you really have license to do anything, and you have this freedom to switch tones, which I really love. The thing I loved about that first Deadpool is it was incredibly heartfelt at times," Goddard said. "That's the secret weapon of that first movie. The big, bombastic fun is very much there and it's what you sort of remember, but I don't think that movie works without the love story that's at its heart. The genuine pain that Ryan is in, in that movie really resonates. I love that you get to do both."

Bad Times at the El Royale is now playing in theaters.